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Install LHOTR Light Kit

Install LHOTR Light Kit

Little Home on the Road has developed a custom light kit for Original and Vintage Katy's Casita Closets! 


We will install these light kits at the same time a closet system is going in, and also in closets where there is already a closet system installed.


    Little Home on the Road makes this terrific light kit for Original and Vintage Katy's Casita Closets. It can be installed along with a new closet system or added to an existing Katy's Casita Closet. 


    We currently have light kits available for install only. We will send you an invoice with payment information after reviewing your order and scheduling your installation.

    If you are in and/or traveling near the Houston, Texas, or in central Texas, near Lampasas, installations can often be scheduled within a week or two.

    We also schedule “install parties” at some fiberglass rallies, as well as several times a year at campgrounds near the Casita factory in Rice, Texas. We’ll be posting availability on our home page, but, if you’re interested, send us an email, or open a chat, and we’ll see what we can figure out.


    There is no charge for shipping/handling on a light kit installation.

    If you arrange for an install at your home or other site, there may be a travel fee which would be arranged at the time of scheduling.


    This LHOTR light kit is installed to order for your trailer. We do not offer returns or refunds on it because it is customized. Thanks for your understanding.


    We calculate applicable sales tax on the invoice we send you. All billing is done manually.

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