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Kit and Caboodle Original Bundle

Kit and Caboodle Original Bundle

Kit and Caboodle Original Bundle includes:

1) The Original Casita Closet Kit

2) Bath Shelf Kit (This shelf fits in the bath cabinet in 17 foot Casita Trailers made after mid-2013.)

3) One Bedside Table (works anyplace between a mattress/seat cushion and a wall)


Casita Closet Kit information:

The Casita Closet Kit enhances storage space by creating shelves inside the closet that leave a bit of hanging space, as well as concealed storage in your 17’ Deluxe Casita (any model) manufactured from 2014 after.


The shelves are designed for storing clothing, linens, dry goods, and other lightweight items. We do not recommend loading them up with canned goods. They are spaced so that “packing cubes” used for suitcases fit easily and securely. About 8” of hanging space remains when the shelves are installed according to the plan.


The closet system was originally custom designed to fit Katy and Louis’ 2019 Spirit Deluxe, but we have figured out a way to make it fit nearly all Casita Deluxe 17’s built after 2014, with some trimming, (and some of those built late in 2013).


Important: If your Casita was built in 2013, watch the video link about measuring it, to determine if the system will work in your model. If the measurements of your closet are similar to the video’s, the kit should work.


All Casitas are built by hand and no two Casitas are exactly the same, so the amount of trimming and the specific locations for trimming must be determined by the installer. Typically, the shelves must be trimmed at the edges (between ¼” and ¾” is common, and rarely a little more). Nearly always, they must be trimmed to clear around the water pipes